Privacy Policy

Please note that policies can change from time to time, especially if there is a change in government legislation. Which EV will endeavour to follow best practice at all times.

We don’t store personal data. The only exception to this will be competitions – where we will only hold enough to pick and notify the winners – and this temporary storage will be made clear in the competition entry details. Entries will be sent to a dedicated, password-protected email address.

We won’t add cookies when you arrive or interrogate your cookies to understand your browser history. We use Google Analytics which will capture meta data about your visit, without giving us any of your personal data.

Which EV may create a newsletter from time to time and send it to readers who specifically request it. In that situation, we will make it very clear exactly what happens with your data. This will only be done with informed consent.

We work with advertisers and manufacturers. The contact details needed for these business relationships will be help on individual PCs, with password and anti-virus protection. We will only hold the details necessary to transact business.

From time to time, we will run research surveys/projects. These will be entirely opt-in with informed consent.

We won’t share an individual’s data and anyone is welcome to ask what data we store on them at any time.

If our policy changes, then we will post about it on our home page.