About Us


Independent UK-based publication, 100% dedicated to electric vehicles and associated technologies

WhichEV aims to deliver everything you need to know about your next electric vehicle. We do that through a combination of independent news, reviews, buying guides, expert advice and recommendations.

As early as 2030, the UK government will ban the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars – so we don’t cover those products.

We’re enthusiastic about the change that’s coming and the greener, safer world that we will all be living in tomorrow.

The change will start slowly and there will be difficulties, but it is also a time of excitement

As well as guides to buying cars, commercial vehicles and chargers, we will also expand our range of articles to include the methods of energy generation as well as detailed analysis of autonomous driving systems, in-car entertainment and much more.

We’ve built a team with expertise in this field – and we will continue to recruit more talent as we grow.

Our opinions are not for sale and our editorial staff work completely separately from our publishing team. When you see a review and recommendation on WhichEV, you can be certain that it was driven solely by our independent testing.

This is a new and rapidly evolving market. We are very much driven by reader feedback, so please let us know if you have any queries or concerns – as well as telling us what you would like to see from WhichEV in the future.